Wheelchair Transport Singapore

Wheelchair Transport Singapore offers wheelchair transport services to those who are disabled to assist them in their mobility. Wheelchair Transport Singapore drivers will pick up clients at home and drive to appointments, social events as well as work and retail stores. Our drivers are trained to meet your medical needs and to prioritize your comfort.

It is difficult for elderly and people with physical impairments to move from one area to another. They are wheelchair bound and depend on family, friends and household members for their transportation requirements. Due to their increasing mobility needs, the transportation sector that offers mobility device services to seniors and handicapped people has seen amazing increase. It is very easy currently to locate transport options for them and to provide them with in a similar way to social activities.

There’s a method to transportation if you need to make an appointment for medical care at a medical facility or to attend social activities or work places and aren’t able to drive yourself. For most non-urgent medical appointments using a wheelchair accessible transportation option is the most efficient, comfy, and hassle-free option.

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