Toner Ankauf

Toner Ankauf – We transform your inks and toners back to cash!

Toner Ankauf – Do you have any leftover ink or toner, e.g. from your printer’s exchange? Have you arrived at the right place with the top expert in purchasing toners and cash for toners! 

Your toners might be valuable and worth money! We buy all the way from a few bits up to complete trucks!
With more than 25 years of experience with toners and inks, we can assess the worth of your products quickly and precisely.

What exactly is the process?

Toner Ankauf
Toner Ankauf

Step 1.

Complete our purchase form completely and then enter your data in the space that is provided, or attach your Excel spreadsheet into be included in the pdf file. Include our contact information on the description of your condition.

Toner Ankauf
Toner Ankauf


The Bares fur Toner team will send out a non-binding invitation by email.

Toner Ankauf
Toner Ankauf


The goods should be packaged into boxes with a lid that is not enclosed and tell us the quantity of boxes (please not forget to note the packing details! ). Add an invoice to the product, or forward it in a separate email.

Step 4.

We will take the goods from you for free.


After you have checked the goods After confirming the goods, you will receive funds on your account.

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