Tips for You to Pick an Aftermarket Air Compressor

Tips for You to Pick an Aftermarket Air Compressor

An air compressor – A good air supply system is essential for all air suspension systems. Air spring systems are made up of air springs, airlines, and a manifold. An air tank is also required.

An air compressor is the most significant part of the system. Because it creates the pressurized air which is saved in tanks and sent to the airbags.

A high-quality air compressor is essential to ensure that your air suspension works properly and doesn’t go stale. The air compressor from Vigorairride is one of the most popular in the air suspension industry.

In an air suspension system, the EUC or electronic control unit, which controls the reactions in the suspension system, is like the brain. Similarly, the heart of the system is the onboard air compressor. Yet, an air compressor is not always running as a heart does.

But, if the compressor is not working correctly, it will eventually fail and cause the system’s failure. Thus, it’s obvious that the air compressor is crucial to the whole system.

An air compressor
An air compressor

An air compressor – What’s an air compressor?

Well, an air compressor is a small onboard pump that pumps air into an air tank. Usually, the vehicle’s 12v electrical supply powers it. How does it work? The compressor’s motor pumps air into an air tank and keeps the pressurized air inside for immediate use later.

An air compressor is usually paired with an air tank. Yeah, it can work alone, but with an air tank, it’s better. Normally, an air tank can provide compressed air immediately for the system to use. This means that you don’t have to wait for the air compressor to inflate.

Well, that takes some time. As a result, the air tank makes it possible to adjust the ride height instantly by pressing a button.

What is the role of air compressors in airbags suspension systems?

An air compressor

As we mentioned, it is like the heart of the system. The air compressor is what supplies air suspension air pressure. It contains an electric motor, which drives the piston through a connecting rod. The relay is controlled by the ECU.

And, it used the piston used to compress the air that the air compressor provides. Hence, the compressed air is then sent through a valve block to the air reservoir, then to the airbags

The compressor also includes a dryer/filter element. This prevents debris from entering the compressor and absorbs moisture. The compressor heats the moisture and then evaporates it. The compressor then releases the water vapor.

Does your car need an air compressor?

Airbags suspension requires air to give a good performance. Also, many luxury cars contain an OEM air suspension system. Usually, air compressors are used to power modified air suspension systems. Therefore, you can say that it is non-required.

Air suspensions usually include On-Board Air (OBA), which is a compressor. The air tank will then be able to hold the compressed air. The air tank will use it as needed, as we discussed in the beginning.

An air compressor

 How do you maintain an air compressor?  

The component is usually maintenance-free. The compressor is designed to create pressure quickly. If the temperature rises above 100 degrees Celsius, the compressor can be damaged.

It could be caused by a compressor that is running too often or leaking constantly. To ensure the compressor activates less frequently and maintains a constant pressure, a pressure reservoir is installed outside.

Signs that a suspension compressor has failed

Many symptoms can be seen in a failing compressor.

It takes longer to adjust the vehicle’s height than it used to need.

Either the compressor is constantly running, or the worst situation is that it’s not working at all.

There are three signs that a compressor is failing: discoloration of the label, melted connectors and airlines, and/or a burning smell when the unit has been disassembled.

Note: Always replace the relay when are getting a new air compressor. Because if there is a leak, the relay will still turn on your compressor. Thus, it is harmful not only to the compressor but also to the relay. Eventually, the relay is on its way to failure. 

The perfect aftermarket air compressor for your air spring suspension

Although there are many internal differences to compressors, they all have a similar appearance. Manufacturers can make compressors that are OEM compatible, or even some are better than the original parts.

Conform to the same and standard specifications as OEMs. This means that they can be replaced directly without modification or adjustment.

Long-lasting service is possible with a durable and solid construction using high-quality materials.

The rotor and piston are balanced to prevent vibrations or the premature wear of piston rings or bearings.

The varnish coating on the windings of the electro-motor protects them from heat damage and internal short circuits.

High-quality carbon brushes are essential for smooth operation.

The CNC machine is used to finish the ultra-smooth cylindrical wall surface. This helps prevent any piston ring wear.

Aluminum is subject to heat-treatment, so it is for the right hardness.

To ensure a tight fit, surfaces of shafts and bearings are restricted to a tolerance limit of 0,01mm.

Installation does not require specialized tools.

An air compressor

What are the main considerations when choosing an aftermarket compressor?

Preferably, an all-metal assembly. This prolongs its life expectancy and prevents frequent failures.

Braided leader hoses that can withstand heat while being used for long periods

It is important to know the pressure limit it can reach. It is best if it can reach 200 PSI.

Duty recycle check: Undoubtedly, one hundred percent of the duty cycle is better and more desirable.

Non-return valves work better to maintain pressure in the tank and prevent air from flowing back into your compressor.

Aftermarket compressors can match or exceed the quality of OEMs.

Search for a reliable air solution online for your car

You can find more information on aftermarket air ride solutions and kits at vigorairride. This company offers a high-quality compressor that is OE-like in fit. Also, components are available for air ride systems.

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