Sunset Light


From leggings that lift your butt to tea that smells similar to “liquified cake,” TikTok has emerged as one of the most popular places to discover unusual yet incredible products you never believed you needed. And lately, users on the app aren’t able to not get enough of an affordable home upgrade : lighting lamps that project the sunset.

The light, which projects an effect reminiscent of golden hour onto walls, has been a hit. TikTok videos showcasing the light are viewed by more than 138 millions views. One user referred to their product as an “game-changer” while another posted a video saying “this lamp is the best thing I own.” People on social networks like Twitter and Instagram are also in awe of the dazzling glow.

It’s no surprise that people are loving this product. Since daylight saving is leading to earlier sunsets and shorter daylight hours, plus the notion of being cooped up in your home during the colder months and bringing a constant sun-filled home is the ideal solution to alleviate any stay-at-home fatigue and winter blues.

They’re affordable, too. Sure, you’ll find ones that carry the highest price, like the sleek Halo One which will cost you over $1,000, but there are also numerous budget-friendly options you can find in Etsy, Amazon and other similar retailers. Below, we’ve collected six top lamps that can make your space more inviting with their stunning colors in addition to Sunset-like effects.

Make a room that is dark the sun with this 4.7-star-rated Amazon option. It comes in colors like sunset red and iridescent blue therefore you’ll discover one that complements the style of your room.

The most popular lamp features a 360-degree head. This means that you can turn it to create different lighting patterns around your rooms. It also features two lenses on each side, one to provide spectacular sunsets, and the other to create a trippy rainbow-like effect.

The most sought-after Etsy lamp was created to replicate the colours of the romantic sunset. It creates a cozy and relaxing space in the room that you put it in.

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