Money League

How much money have I spent on a league?

Money League of Legends is a completely free game and you don’t need to add any money if anyone wants to play with it. But almost all players in the league have already bought at least one product from the store, be it leather, chrome, hextech box, or something else. All competition transactions are made in Riot Games currency called Riot Points or RPs. If a player spends “real” money in the tournament, he first buys an RP. He then uses RP to buy his favorite skins and emotions.

Different masters have differently priced skins that have their own unique value. Basically, a player can get their favorite thing in the tournament for $5 or $50. The amount depends on what it’s about. Many of the champions are skin-changing skins, which will eventually be bought by much of the competition community.

How much money did I spend on the tournament?

It’s not an uncommon reality when a competitive player gets involved and spends too much on a match. A few simple steps will help you determine how much money you’ve spent in the tournament.

Step 1

In particular, visit the official support page for Riot Games to see the actual cost of the competition.

Money League
Money League

Step 2

Now, in the next step, simply log in with the league account whose information you want to check.

Step 3

There will be a red “Show money” option. Just click the button in the middle of the text. After step 3, all the money that the player has spent in that account and in that area is immediately shown. If a player has ever transferred a league account to one or more servers, not all charges on those servers will be shown here. Refunds to these regions allow you to manage the money.

The money an average player spends in a Money League

Various elements such as skin emotions and icons are optional in the competition. None of us are forcing ourselves to spend even a cent on the game. The main game, on the other hand, is free, so some aspects of it can be customized by purchasing cosmetics from the store. Some players do this to support the developers of Riot Games.

A person is likely to spend at least $100 over the course of their career. One hundred dollars is the amount an average Money League player spends. This rating comes from all regions and countries in the world. And of course, not all players reach that number. There are players who basically look good about winners, so they don’t buy skins at all and there are people who do everything. Those who spend money in the competition know full well that the money is “well spent” and worth it. Therefore, they buy a lot of skin for their favorite masters, which is crucial for a successful placement.

Closing Notes

Many video games have inspired the example of the competition and they tend to spend their money on selling goods instead of paying for prizes. The idea is very easy to understand. So if a player likes it, you can buy it, and if you don’t like it, you can leave it.

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