Lenovo 65w AC Power Adapter

Lenovo 65w AC Power Adapter with 6′ Power Cord

Stop lugging around your Lenovo 65w AC Power Adapter back and forth between your house and office. Find a second AC adapter compatible with your notebook. Keep one in your office and one for your home or travel.

The 65-Watt AC adapter for the Lenovo 65w AC power adapter is specifically created to meet requirements for power in the Lenovo 65w AC laptop power adapter. It is stocked with 65-watt power. This adapter enables users to operate simultaneously on their laptops as well as charge their batteries from electrical power outlets. It comes with 6 feet power cord.


Dell genuine parts are subjected to rigorous tests by skilled engineers to ensure the quality and compatibility of your Lenevo system.

Our continuing qualification process allows the testing and certification of the most recent technologies on your Lenovo system.


Lenovo utilizes only OEM high-end components.

Lenovo 65w AC Power Adapter


Our limited Year Warranty promises for the occasion our Genuine Lenovo parts fail, and they fail to function we will fix them.

Genuine Lenovo-branded components mean you won’t have any worries about the possibility of voiding your warranty on the hardware you’re using.

The parts that aren’t Lenovo 65w AC Power Adapter do not come included and could affect the warranty of your computer.

For more information about the warranty, click here.

Our technical support team is on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the genuine Lenovo-branded upgrade of your parts.

Parts purchased from other sources will not be provided by Lenovo.

It is capable of powering the laptop.

In the package is a strap of rubber to help with cable management and an LED light ring connected directly to the DC connector.

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