Hair loss, the solution to recover your teenage hairstyle

Hair loss has become a major problem nowadays due to factors such as pollution, hormonal changes, stress, autoimmune conditions and unhealthy lifestyle and diet. Thus, multiple solutions of hair replacement and hair transplantation have emerged. 

Since the difference between the cost of hair transplant and the cost of a non-surgical hair prosthesis is too great to ignore, it is important to clarify between these 2 methods. In this article, we will detail the important points and a comparative pricing approach.

Non-surgical hair implant or Hair supplement

What there is to know :

The non-surgical hair implant (or hair prosthesis) takes the form of a “wig” adapted to the shape of your head, your hair color, texture, and length. Unlike hair transplants which are permanent, hair prosthesis solutions are worn like clothes and do not cause scarring or bleeding.

Hair supplements are hybrid versions of the toupees and wigs that we knew. They are very realistic, super comfortable, and durable which is why they are worn by millions of men all over the world.

Non-Surgical Hair Implant – Cost Estimate

The price of a quality hair supplement is generally between 200 and 450 euros depending on the customization requested by the buyer. The greater the customization of the hair replacement system, the higher the price will be.

For example, “standard” hair prostheses are less expensive than custom hair supplements, which is normal since in one case the manufacturing time was much longer.

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The quality of a hair supplement is based on several factors including the type of hair (synthetic or real), the type of implantation, the choice of the implantation membrane (poly, lace.).

This is why you should use caution when purchasing a hair supplement to be sure that you are making the right choice, especially since many unscrupulous sellers play with words to add value to their products. Do not hesitate to ask for several quotes or to consult specialized hair prosthesis sites.

Considering that a top-quality hair supplement from a supplier can last 3-4 months, that means you would need 3 or 4 replacements per year. The total cost varies from 600 to 1,300 euros. It remains quite accessible compared to a hair transplant. However, it is difficult to give exact figures, because there are different types of hair prostheses with different characteristics (duration …)

Hair Replacement Systems – Side Effects

Usually, hair prostheses are attached with tape, glue or clips. The application is completely painless, and there are no side effects. People with very sensitive skin should notify the hair system supplier to use the correct type of glue or tape. Hair replacement systems and wigs are also widely used by cancer patients, who are known to have sensitive skin after chemotherapy.

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