Dell Ac Adapter 240w

Dell AC Adapter of 240Watt and 6feet Cord for Power Cord

Dell Ac Adapter with 240W-Stop lugging your AC adapter to and from home and office. Keep one AC adapter inside your notebook and another to use on the road or at home.

The Dell Ac Adapter 240w is specifically created to meet the requirements of power for your Dell(tm) laptop. Equipped with 240-watt power, this adapter enables users to work simultaneously with their system and charge it via electrical power outlets. The adapter includes a 6ft power cord.

It offers 240-Watt to power and charge your laptop. The laptop comes with a 6ft power cord
Includes a rubber strap for easy cable management . Also included is an LED light ring on the DC connector. Dell Ac Adapter 240w

Dell Ac Adapter 240w
Dell Ac Adapter 240w


Genuine Dell-branded components go through rigorous tests conducted by experienced engineers to ensure compatibility and security with your Dell system.
The process of maintaining qualification allows testing and certification for the latest technology in your Dell system.


The DDell Ac Adapter is powered by 240w. It only uses OEM grade quality components.


We provide a one-year limited guarantee that covers all Dell-branded genuine parts that fail.
Genuine Dell-branded parts mean that you do not have to worry about violating the warranty on your hardware.
Other Dell parts aren’t covered and could invalidate your system warranty.
For more details about warranties For more information about warranties, click here:

Technical Support Dell Ac Adapter 240w

Our skilled technical support team is available to answer any questions regarding your genuine Dell-branded parts upgrade.
Dell cannot be able to support components purchased from other sources.

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