Dell 65w usb c Charger

Dell Original USBC-C-65W AC Laptop Charger Adapter

We will ship high-end Dell 65w usb c charger with main power cord compatible with the model that is listed. This is the top AC adapter laptop charger that’s available in the market it will fix your defective (original) laptop adapter. You can anticipate a high performance similar to what you were experiencing using the original laptop charger. The latest Dell Original 65W Type-C Laptop AC Adapter Charger meets all the specifications so you’ll enjoy a constant performance out of your laptop. There’s no need to be concerned about the quality of the product as our substitute Dell 65w usb c Charger that we deliver goes through rigorous quality control processes. It’s an ideal replacement adapter light weight, simple to carry around and priced at a premium is also very competitive.

Dell 65w usb c Charger
Dell 65w usb c Charger


  • Condition: New
  • Power: 65W
  • Input Voltage 5V, 9V, 12Vand 15V, 20.3V, 20V
  • Input Current 3A, 3A 3, 3A, 3.25A
  • Input Voltage Band: 100-240V 50-60Hz 1.5A
  • DC Pin Size the size of the DC Pin is USB Type-C.
  • DC Cable Length: 1.2m
  • Mains Power Cable The cable is included.
  • Warranty 1 Month

The Right Type of Dell 65w usb c Charger

It is important to determine the exact kind of adapter your laptop require before making the purchase. There are numerous types of adapters to choose from. They might have the same power amp and voltage, but a different connectors or the same connector, but different power. This means they’re not compatible with one another. Most laptop chargers only work with a specific laptop model and brand. model. Your laptop’s model code, power requirements of the adapter, and the connector type of adapter are necessary to locate a compatible power supply replacements.

Find the laptop’s model number, it is typically found located on the bottom of the laptop.
Check the laptop’s requirements for power that are printed on a sticker at the back of the laptop. Sometimes, it is printed on the power port of the laptop. Keep track of the voltage and amperage required.
Determine which charger is compatible by checking out the Laptop model number on this website by searching by laptop model. It is essential that the voltage and amperage of the replacement charger must be in line with the specifications on laptop, or be compatible with the defective (original) adapter.
Also, ensure that you match the connector tip on the charger to the connector port on your laptop. Otherwise, this adapter won’t work if it cannot connect to your laptop, even when the specification is in good order.
If you are still not sure , you can read our Buyer’s Guide or provide us with your laptop’s model number.

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