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7 Best Cake Designs And Patterns To Experiment With

Attention cake lovers! A serious question. Are you bored with mundane Best Cake Designs and looking for something new? If your answer is yes they this blog is for you. It is high time you start experimenting with your cake and bring colours, characters and patterns live with expert artistry. Many bakeries are coming up with exclusive designs to attract customers. Often a unique cake is a brainchild of the particular chef but the use of the Internet has motivated cake chefs to try and enhance popular flavours with their signature touch. Online cake delivery has increased the consumption of cake making the express delivery services easily available round the clock. But choosing from countless varieties often takes hours. Here is a brief list of designs and patterns that are creating a buzz. Read this blog to find out which pattern could work for your dream cake. Home bakers this is the cue for you to take notes. 

Ombre cakes 

Ombre cakes have become quite popular now. It is made by putting rows of frosting one after the other. The colour of the frosting is the same but becomes lighter or deeper with every shade this gives an ombre effect to the cake. These cakes are a visual treat with their simplistic yet sophisticated design. These cakes usually take the front seats in baby showers and wedding receptions. 

Floral cakes 

Floral Best Cake Designs have an evergreen pattern. Always trendy and grief out of fashion. Floral cakes are the playground for creative cake experts opting doors to try out flowers of different shapes and colours often imaginative ones on the cakes. The floral design could be made using different piping techniques however expensive cakes features edible flowers made with fondant and chocolate. These flowers look very impressive and give a glam touch up to a basic one colour cake that can’t appear boring. 

Caramelised cherry-topped cakes 

Nothing looks better than breathing life to the ‘cherry on the cake’ saying with actual cherries as toppings on a regular cheesecake. As a trendy makeover caramelised cherries or cherries with chocolate coating could be used instead.  Cherry topped cakes are regaining their worth as many still seem to believe that cakes are incomplete without a shiny red cherry as it’s a tiara. 

Rainbow petal cake 

Rainbow petal cakes are quite a piece of art. This simple dessert has already won hearts with its vibrant approach. It could fit into any celebration with its unique colour palette but pride month calls for its maximum sale. 

Wallpaper cakes

Wallpaper cakes are cakes with in-depth prints of edible ink. It looks like a real-life HD image of a wallpaper background. Wallpaper cakes mostly have one pattern throughout but the intensity and density of the pattern make it worthwhile. Wallpaper cakes demand expert attention and are still restricted to top-notch bakeries for their unique and painstaking print. 

Confetti cake 

A freshly baked cake and a combination of your favourite sprinkles. That is what it takes to update a monotoned cake to a designer cake. Confetti cakes take the least amount of time to look great. They are easy to bake and ideal of newfound bakers to win over a roll full of came enthusiasts. 

Drip cakes 

Dripping cakes are ruling the market. quite sometime now. They are another example of a simple pattern. Dripping cakes are mostly found on birthdays and anniversaries. Making the liquid spread too watery can spoil the fun of achieving the drip effect. Drip cakes often employ chocolate as the top layer. and the main ingredient of the drip. 

Cakes as a dessert leave plenty of room for improvement. My riads of flavours when put together makes something new. The same goes while creating unique designs. Choosing contrasting colours that complement each other does the trick. The design and colour of the cake should complement each other for the cake to become a hit. Online cake shops are a popular destination for cake lovers whose quest for something new never ends. 

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