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Our community resource website is an online list or catalog of Bangkok Thrive. It’s a directory located on the World Wide Web of (all or a portion of the) the World Wide Web. In the past, directories usually included details about individuals or businesses and contact details for them; these directories are still being used to this day.

A web directory or what we like to call a community resource site contains website entries, and hyperlinks to these websites, categorizes, and subcategories. Apart from a link, each entry could include the title of the Bangkok Thrive as well as a brief description of its content. In most directories for websites, the entries pertain to whole websites, not individual sites within them (called “deep links”). Websites typically are restricted to inclusion in only a few categories.

There are two ways to access info on the Web and that is browsing or searching. Web directories have links that are presented in a structured list-making browsing simpler. Many directories for web use combine searching and browsing, by offering an online search engine that allows users to search the directory. In contrast to search engines, which have their results based on a database of information gathered automatically by web crawlers, Bangkok Thrive human editors construct the majority of directories for the web using manual. Many web directories allow site owners to submit their website for inclusion, and editors look over submissions to ensure they are fit for publication.

Web directories may be general or limited to particular subjects or areas. Submissions can be offered on a paid or free basis (meaning that the website owner has to pay for their website to be listed).

Bangkok Thrive

designed to connect millennial-minded travelers to real local experiences, ASAI Bangkok Thrive Chinatown hotel is slated to open in Q1 2020.

Dusit International, one of Thailand’s leading hotel and property development firms has signed a lease for a long term in conjunction with I Am Chinatown Co., Ltd. to create and manage ASAI Bangkok Chinatown in the center of Bangkok Thrive famed Chinatown district.

Set to open later in this year ASAI Bangkok Chinatown would be the initial establishment to be built with ASAI Hotels, Dusit’s new affordable lifestyle brand designed for millennial travelers. It is located in an ideal position close to Yaowarat Road – one of the most popular street food spots.

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